Áhugahópur um guðfræðiráðstefnur offers regular seminars and events related to theology in Iceland.

We have offered the following events:

09/2015 – Two Day Seminar with Nadia Bolz-Weber and Jodi Houge

09/2016 – Two Day Seminar with Rob Bell

09/2017 – Two Day Seminar with Karoline M Lewis and Abigail Visco Rusert.

09/2018 – Two Day Seminar with Anna Carter Florence and Mark Allan Powell.

08/2019 – Two Day Seminar with Carla M Dahl and Jodi Houge (feat. Nate Houge).

09/2022 – Two Day Seminar with Mark Yaconelli

Prestafélag Íslands with support from Starfsþróunarsjóði BHM prepared an event in 2023.

08/2023 – Two Day Seminar with Nadia Bolz Weber, Jodi Houge, and Jacqueline Bussie.

Information about our group can be found in Icelandic at http://www.gudspjall.is/styrihopur. If you are interested in learning more about Áhugahópur um guðfræðiráðstefnur, feel free to contact us by email upplysingar @ gudspjall.is.